Pensando em estudar “psychology”no Canadá!?

All students are notified that registration for the fall exams will be done online. The maximum of exams is six 8 exams for six 8 different dates. So the student has to take an exam on a date.

The possibility of registering the exams in the system will start on January 2, 2020 until February 5, 2020, while the possibility of changing the chosen subjects will be possible until January 1, 2020. Examination dates vary according to each faculty decision Therefore, all students are asked to inquire about this with the relevant teaching secretariat.

Teaching in all study programs is conducted in English, providing students with opportunities to develop academic and professional careers after graduation and creating more flexibility and space for transferring their studies to parallel or similar programs of Western universities and Wider.

The Bachelor in Preschool Education provides education and education for all students who are interested in building their professional careers in the teacher, preschool and elementary schools, and feel motivated to further their careers as researchers and research contributors.

The philosophy of the Faculty of Education, in all its academic and scientific activities and processes, has been the student’s focus, encouraging them to pursue continuous development and education. We also place particular emphasis on conveying human and civic values, based on universal values, professional ethics, and the acquisition of a broad pluralistic culture in the way we judge and respond to situations.

The vision of this faculty is to prepare professionals who are ready to get involved in the labor market and the success in this regard is evident, given the high level of employment of students after graduation and the high ratings they have taken in the testing they have done for licensing.

The study program in Psychology aims to provide a general education in psychology and to enable a further academic or professional career in one of the specializations in the field of psychology.

This study program aims to prepare future psychologists with general knowledge in the field of psychology, ranging from basic knowledge of human behavior and development to knowledge of psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic methods of treatment, to cope with professional competence, the needs of society and individuals.Gustavo José Meano Brito
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